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Legion Description and Rules

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1 Legion Description and Rules on Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:12 pm

We are the <Royalists>, a Siel legion focused on good PvP.

Created recently with friends and by friends, this legion aims for PvP superiority forged with trust and brother/sisterhood.

Members must be:
Fully geared (+15 EGT armour, at least)
PvP Competent
uses Ventrilo
Speaks and understands English

    The rules of the legion are simple.
  • A little respect goes a long way.
  • No duping/hacking/scamming/bug abusing/begging, or else I will CUT you.
  • The Brigade General and the Centurions must have a microphone in order to give commands in ventrilo during group raids. Legionaries are not required to do so, but nonetheless microphones and talking in vent are greatly appreciated.
  • We don't spend our time lulling in Sanctum. We raid. And when we raid, we kill. The only time we spend time in Sanctum is:
    1) Trading
    2) Crafting PvP Materials
  • When the BG is off, the Centurion is free to take over BG duties, such as interviewing a recruit or leading the raid.

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