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No one plays anymore.............

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1 No one plays anymore............. on Sat Apr 16, 2011 12:04 pm

been on for a couple days n seen no one on at all >.< sry guys but im considering joinin another legion atm. ever since tiff started going 2 the hospital....ive seen 0 members on or 1-2 sometimes but dont even know em. but ill give it a few =)

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2 Re: No one plays anymore............. on Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:37 am

I'm still around, but yea... Gamez is pushing me away from their server, so I went and looked for another one to play on due to Gamez having daily restart, lags/delay, bugs and all those cheap-server issues that hardly gets fixed. It's even down for hours when I have the time to play.

Gamez is always down between 11am and 2pm when I wanna get on for an hour or two, then after 3pm, I'm out for the day... or come online late if I'm awake, lol Razz

And my forum account is banned in Gamez for no reason... lol D:

My friend recommended Infinite Aion, and I've been playing off and on for 5 days now, it's not bad considering the uptime of server and lesser issues. And nobody's selling rubbish for 999 mil kinah, lol ((:

So, that's where I am more often than I am in Gamez :3

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3 Re: No one plays anymore............. on Sun Apr 17, 2011 9:47 pm

I can't play Aion at all atm, so that's why I gave all my stuff away. I'd rather if someone who'd be willing to stay would have them.

Gamez is on a lot of issues right now, so tbh I'd quit asap before anything gets fucked up again (specially that Karissa's back...idk.)

I'd recommend this server Austin and AM Sanctuarist are playing, Aionaddiction. Everything drops, all quests work, the mobs give gold, silver and platinum medals and Vielle's favours (that's right) and AMs actually do something there to help out. There's like events more than every day happening. The server's located in Singapore though, so people from the US will be lagging.

Next week I'm going back to the hospital again...I hate my health.

Anyway yeah...I haven't been banned yet in forums. Calithoe, Eshu and Kath have been though. Idk why I'm not banned yet, I think I've insulted the staff a lot more than Calithoe and Eshu o_O which is weird since I'm not yet banned. And they haven't banned me in the Staff channel yet either...another weird thing. idk.


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